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Star-Telegram reporters Andrea Ahles and Gordon Dickson offer their tips for summer travel. A record number of Americans is expected to hit the highways and skyways for Memorial Day.

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Star-Telegram reporters Andrea Ahles and Gordon Dickson talk about how President Trump's proposed budget could affect transportation.

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What do Amazon deliveries and airport security have in common? They're featured topics in this monthly podcast, during which Fort Worth Star-Telegram aviation writer Andrea Ahles and transportation reporter Gordon Dickson talk about their beats. If it's in the air, on the ground or even across the ocean, we talk about it.

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Star-Telegram reporters Andrea Ahles and Gordon Dickson talk transportation in the Air, Land & Sea podcast. On this episode, they discuss a federal judge’s ruling on allowing Delta Air Lines to stay temporarily at Dallas Love Field and revisit Dickson’s Christmas trip across the pond to London and what it was like riding the oldest underground transportation system in the world. They also talk about the hot transportation issues for 2016.

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Star-Telegram reporters Andrea Ahles and Gordon Dickson visit the bustling halls of DFW and chat with airport DFW spokesman David Magana about the upcoming Thanksgiving travel season ... and the joy of people-watching in one of the most unusual modern transportation hubs in the world.

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Star-Telegram transportation reporter Gordon Dickson and airline reporter Andrea Ahles talk about taxes on your airfare and taxes on gas on April 15, the day federal income taxes are due.

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Star-Telegram reporters Andrea Ahles and Gordon Dickson talk about all things transportation in North Texas. In this episode, the duo discusses the state of Texas' transition from two auto registration and auto inspection stickers to one. They also talk about U.S. carriers' accusations that Persian Gulf airlines have received $42 billion in government subsidies.

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The Thanksgiving travel season is upon us, and Americans are hitting the skies and the roads in numbers not seen since 2007. Fort Worth Star-Telegram aviation reporter Andrea Ahles and transportation writer Gordon Dickson explore the upcoming festivities from a mobillity point of view.

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Drones and other unmanned aircraft are exploding in popularity. Fort Worth Star-Telegram transportation writers Gordon Dickson and Andrea Ahles talk about the testing that's being done on the flying machines, and efforts by the FAA to draw up some rules so that drones and old-fashioned manned aircraft can safely exist in the same airspace. Also, Andrea has a one-on-one chat with DFW Airport's boss, and Gordon talks about sea life the Texas coast.

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The busy Thanksgiving travel season is underway, and Fort Worth Star-Telegram aviation writer Andrea Ahles shares some advice on what to bring - and not bring - aboard commercial flights. Surface transportation guru Gordon Dickson talks about the deadly consequences of 75 mph speed limits on highways in Texas, and what some residents are doing to change it.

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