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Star-Telegram transportation reporter Gordon Dickson and aviation reporter Andrea Ahles talk about the busy upcoming holiday travel season. Over 100 million Americans are expected to travel by plane or car during Christmas and New Year's. And in case you're looking for a sea adventure, they talk about last minute cruise deals out of Galveston.

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram transportation reporters Andrea Ahles and Gordon Dickson talk about the new Pickup app and the start of Southwest Airline's international service out of Houston. The reporters also talk about Virgin America's new Las Vegas routes out of Dallas.

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Star-Telegram writers Andrea Ahles and Gordon Dickson talk about people with incredibly long drives to work, an airline CEO who got the boot and an aircraft accidentally flown over the ocean.

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Star-Telegram aviation writer Andrea Ahles and transportation reporter Gordon Dickson talk about FAA restrictions on flying drones near airports and how easy it is to get out of a speeding ticket in Texas. The pair also discuss the latest findings in the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

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Star-Telegram reporters Andrea Ahles and Gordon Dickson chat about summer travel by air and by road in Texas. They also discuss the latest Down Under route announced by American Airlines and falling gas prices.

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Special guest Bill Meadows talks about high-speed rail, DFW Airport and Texas floods. During the past three decades, Meadows has served on decision-making boards for highways, toll roads and water -- and now he's focusing on the Texas high-speed rail commission and DFW Airport board of directors. Reporters Gordon Dickson and Andrea Ahles spend a morning picking his brain on all things transportation.

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Roving reporters Andrea Ahles and Gordon Dickson do their best to keep you up to speed on all things transportation -- and sometimes beyond. In this episode, American Airlines pilots approve a new contract, France's national railway company shows interest in Texas high-speed rail and customers say goodbye to a retail giant in North Texas and the nation.
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Star-Telegram reporters Gordon Dickson and Andrea Ahles talk about American Airlines' new Dreamliner, the road improvements at Ranger Hill and how falling oil prices are not impacting drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Star-Telegram transportation reporter Gordon Dickson and aviation reporter Andrea Ahles talk about the new North Tarrant Express lanes that opened up last week. And with the Airbus A380 now regularly flying in to DFW Airport, they discuss how much it costs to take a shower at 35,000 feet on Emirates aircraft. ($22,000 to be exact).

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporters Andrea Ahles and Gordon Dickson give their opinions on Southwest Airlines' new "Heart" livery and discuss the growing mountain of road debt in Texas. The aviation and transportation writers also talk about relief flights from Cabo San Lucas and Scotland's recent indepedence vote.

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