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Star-Telegram transportation reporter Gordon Dickson and aviation reporter Andrea Ahles talk about the new North Tarrant Express lanes that opened up last week. And with the Airbus A380 now regularly flying in to DFW Airport, they discuss how much it costs to take a shower at 35,000 feet on Emirates aircraft. ($22,000 to be exact).

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporters Andrea Ahles and Gordon Dickson give their opinions on Southwest Airlines' new "Heart" livery and discuss the growing mountain of road debt in Texas. The aviation and transportation writers also talk about relief flights from Cabo San Lucas and Scotland's recent indepedence vote.

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Andrea Ahles talks about aviation labor relations while Gordon Dickson visits a cool GE locomotive plant -- and they both manage to find a transportation angle on fried food at the State Fair of Texas.

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Andrea Ahles takes an enchanting trip on American Airlines' first flight to Hong Kong, and Gordon Dickson explores why Texans still text and drive. 

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Star-Telegram transportation reporters Andrea Ahles and Gordon Dickson talk about the busy summer travel season. For road trips, gas costs will be about the same as 2013 while flights will continue to be full with 210 million passengers expected to travel by air this summer. And if crusing is more your style, they discuss your options out of Galveston.

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram transportation reporters Andrea Ahles and Gordon Dickson talk about the battle over Dallas Love Field gates between Southwest Airlines and Virgin America, as well as the completion of one toll road project in Fort Worth - and the start of another. They also chime in on the mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

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Star-Telegram transportation and airline reporters Gordon Dickson and Andrea Ahles talk about Emirates' A380 coming to DFW in October, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly talking about high speed rail, the new head of the Fort Worth Transportation Authority and Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

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Star-Telegram reporters Andrea Ahles and Gordon Dickson talk about the latest transportation news in North Texas. The flight attendants unions at the new American have agreed to join together and to start talking about a new contract with the carrier. High-speed rail may also be making progress as a new two-year study has been commissioned to look at a rail corridor between Dallas and Houston.

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Drones and other unmanned aircraft are exploding in popularity. Fort Worth Star-Telegram transportation writers Gordon Dickson and Andrea Ahles talk about the testing that's being done on the flying machines, and efforts by the FAA to draw up some rules so that drones and old-fashioned manned aircraft can safely exist in the same airspace. Also, Andrea has a one-on-one chat with DFW Airport's boss, and Gordon talks about sea life the Texas coast.

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It's the start of 2014 and since everyone loves a good list, Star-Telegram aviation reporter Andrea Ahles and transportation writer Gordon Dickson talk about the top 5 issues in transportation in North Texas for the new year. The Wright Amendment restrictions will be lifted by the end of the year allowing Texas travelers to fly anywhere in the U.S. from Dallas Love Field while local drivers will have the new Chisholm Trail Parkway to get them from Fort Worth to Cleburne.

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